Tank Car Parts

We manufacture a variety of high-quality tank car components for new car builds and maintenance repair. We are your ideal partner for new tank car builds, maintenance replacement parts and retrofit program work. Some of our more common products are listed below, however we are capable of custom fabricating a wide variety of parts. Please contact us for pricing or to submit a quote request for a part not listed below.

Tank Car Pressure Plates

We manufacture tank car pressure plates to exact specification.

Tank Car Segment Washers

We offer a variety of segment washers for different tank car applications, cut and finished to specification.

Tank Car Nozzles

We manufacture tank car nozzles to exact customer specification.

Manway Covers

Our durable manway covers are designed for all weather conditions.

Manway Eyebolts

Our Products are long time supplier of tank car manway eye bolts. We can custom manufacture eyebolts in carbon or stainless steel.

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Heater Coil Returns

We produces 90° and 180° heater coil returns for tank cars, and can meet specified radius and tolerance requirements. Our In-house tool & die department can design form tooling for any type of heater coil return requested.

Siphon Pipe Assemblies

We custom-manufacture Siphon pipe assemblies with short lead times.