Rail Industry Fabrications

We are an industry leader in freight car and tank car fabrications, including a wide range of coal car replacement parts. We are well positioned to be your partner in any retrofit or program work. Some of our railcar products include:

Freight Car

  • Side Posts
  • Tub Reinforcement Plates
  • Door Pans
  • Hopper Chutes
  • Hopper Side Sheets
  • Hopper Sheet Reinforcements
  • Side Sills (steel and aluminum), Sill Steps
  • Slope Sheets, Sill Shrouds
  • Spreader Beams
  • Straps, Corner Posts & Angles
  • Top Chords, Transfer Ties
  • Tub Closures, Tub Drains
  • Steel Coil Load Dividers
  • Steel Coil Load Divider Reconditioning
  • Coil Car Covers
  • Outlet Gate Reconditioning
  • Custom Parts

Tank Car

  • Manway Eye Bolts
  • Hatch Covers
  • Tank Car Nozzles
  • Heater Coil Returns
  • Siphon Pipes
  • Segment Washers
  • Pressure Plates
  • Jacket Patches
  • Hot Formed Parts